So Many Hobbies

My mother and my son frequently badger me about dating.  I got divorced in 2000 and seventeen years later I am still single. I hate dating, and to be honest I'm pretty picky.  Also, I have all these medical issues which interfere with starting a relationship.  "One second honey, we can go back to cuddling after I puke for an hour."

Anyway, I did once try  My sister actually met her husband there, and they are basically the same person.  So I thought, well, maybe I can find a person like me.  Even if things don't work out romantically I might find a new nerdy friend.  

So I went online, took the survey (I think it is just a two hour Myers-Briggs test), made a totally honest profile and posted some photos and waited.  I got a lot of hits, although no one seemed particularly like me.   Then I got an in-app message from a guy who said he thought we would be a great match and he lived right nearby and let's get together for coffee. 

So I meet him at Starbucks, and he's nice enough looking and friendly and we have a pleasant conversation.  Early in he says, "Hey, I think we would make a great couple.; especially since I'm ALSO bipolar."

To which I replied, "I'm not bipolar;  I just have a lot of hobbies."

I went back to look at my profile to see what made him think I was bipolar.  I think it was the photo below, which admittedly does make me seem a little too happy.  (In my defense, I think that's a hilarious t-shirt.)  SIgh.

My "Aliens Gave  My Cat a Beard" shirt, that I got off some website like RedBubble.  Evidently other people didn't find it as ridiculously funny as I did.

My "Aliens Gave  My Cat a Beard" shirt, that I got off some website like RedBubble.  Evidently other people didn't find it as ridiculously funny as I did.

So, no, I don't have Bipolar Depression.  I only have regular, boring, Major Depression.   I find a way to get through bad days the best thing is distraction.  Hence the hobbies.

When I first became disabled from my job as an eye surgeon (the coolest surgery there is), I was extremely depressed and spectacularly bored.  I'd been commuting 3 hours a day down to University of Chicago and routinely was down there from 7am to 6pm.  Suddenly becoming a stay-at-home mom felt boring and unfulfilling and only worsened my feelings of uselessness.  So I started taking classes at the local community college, Oakton.  I took classes in all the things I never had time to learn before.  I took:  Guitar, Voice, Acting, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Spanish and Graphic Design (don't judge me!).  Early on, I briefly looked into the University of Illinois Masters Program in Medical Illustration, in the hopes of finding a new career, but unfortunately 3D modelling software universally made me vomit (due to the vestibular migraine).  

Anyway, that's why I have so many hobbies.  (I've since gotten rid of the shirt.)

Today's Norwegian Vocabulary Phrase: skjegg
  Pronounced: (shegg).
   (Translation: beard)
Exercise: skjegg" in a sentence:
Example: Utlendinger fra verdensrommet ga katten min et skjegg!
   (Aliens gave my cat a beard)