Looking For Group

My son was nagging me again at lunch this week to be more socially active.  So this week I've looked at a bunch of "find platonic friends" websites and most of them appear in actuality to be "find erotic friend" websites, which is just gross (I'm old-fashioned, I guess?). When it comes to friend groups, to be honest, I prefer hanging out with men.  They're just easier to deal with and you don't have to entertain them or engage in constant conversation.   I think it is since most everyone around me in my student and then medical years were men (because in the old days women weren't encouraged to do science or math because it was the 1970s/1980s). But back then, and even nowadays, if you are a single woman, then the automatic assumption is that you are desperate for a man and a good shag; evidently women, especially divorcees or widows, are motivated only by their starving genitalia (see vagina hats). So single men act awkward and married men's wives hate a single woman's guts.

D and D Adventurers League, May 3, 2017, Dice Dojo

D and D Adventurers League, May 3, 2017, Dice Dojo

Over the last month I've been going to tabletop/RPG events at various game stores and they've been a lot of fun and have mostly populated with men. A lot of middle-aged guys, actually, and I'd say so far the demographic has been about 80% relatively bilaterally symmetric, articulate and educated men between the ages of 25 and 65, and only a merciful few were wearing cat ears or Pokemon shirts.  I find I also really love the RP aspect of tabletop RPGs  (thank you Patti Interrante for the acting lessons). Dice Dojo had an exceptionally welcoming crowd and I'd go back in a heartbeat except the drive each way took me over an hour; the day I went there were more than 50 people there, and I left the game with a migraine from all the noise and movement. I did a tabletop game day (City of Mist) over in Mount Prospect at Games Plus, and the GM was terrific, but alas lives in Kansas City. This Sunday I'm going to a Pathfinder one-shot at Games Plus and there's a Junior High (I think drama) teacher who plays Pathfinder on Saturdays with younger kids, which could be fun and fulfilling (teaching is always fun), but not really a place to find like-minded middle-aged folks.

I fully admit it is my own fault, the whole friend thing. I've always been the kid who would literally rather spend recess in the library reading Heinlein than going outside.  And I'm the worst at being a BFF. I'm that friend who thinks a lot about you all the time, and is very happy to talk if you call, and will even gladly rush over to help you bury a body... but you otherwise will only hear from once a year.  Probably in the form of a text.  

I admit that I'm a bit picky too... I mean, I have friends from all walks of life that I honestly really like spending time with... but the few people I consider my best BFF friends, that I can really relax with (again, that I only call a few times a year because I suck) all have post-graduate degrees in something or other, and are extremely well-read, articulate, creative, compassionate and open-minded. They also have a preposterously strong work ethics and, most importantly, are willing to look past the mood swings that constantly plague me (part and parcel of my chronic depression). 

Anyway, Tony, I'm doing my best to fulfill your idea of "socially active".  That was what I was trying to write.  


Today's Norwegian Vocabulary Word: koselig
  Pronounced: (koh-slee).
   (Translation: coziness/friendship/happiness-ish)
Exercise: Use "koselig" in a sentence:
Example: Gjør det koselig hjemme; lys noen stearinlys!
   (Make a cozy home; light some candles!)